Good Morning August 27

There has been another shooting, and tragically, there will be another, and another. This brings more cries for gun control. Statistics say that there are more guns in this country than there are people. The vast majority of them are used responsibility, but between the quantity available, and our right to bear arms, they cannot be controlled. If someone really wants to get their hands on one they will. All the leaders who mouth off about gun control don’t realize that what we really need is heart control. If they would get away from political posturing and political correctness, and use their exalted positions to guide people back to some solid values, dare I say Christian values, maybe we would see some change. But if they won’t we must. By prayer, life, and verbal witness we must seek to influence at least the portion of society that the Lord places around us. We know there is something better for life. The government will never advance it, but we can in whatever small and large way He leads us. As we see the evils of this world, let us be more diligent about the work of our Lord.