Good Morning August 28

I am not a political person, but I do observe what is going on. The current group of presidential candidates is like a feeding frenzy, each trying to be the first at the voters trough. The problem is that our current system does not choose the best candidates. The ones that come out on top are the ones that appeal to our emotions. We know certain things are wrong, and the ones who shout the loudest about how they are going to fix it get the vote. Or perhaps it’s the ones who promise to give us the most goodies that we think we are entitled to. Either way, they are shallow and misguided candidates. It is why I’ve written so much here about biblical values, and upholding the absolute truths of our Lord. It is these that must guide all of our choices. But even here, as far as the political process is concerned, if we choose a candidate we believe uphold right values, they soon get snowed under by the existing political structure. This is why I say our system does not give us the best people, and I don’t have an alternative to offer. Even in light of all this, I am not hopeless. I simply put no faith in the government, but all faith in our Lord who is above all governments, and who can direct even the most pagan of leaders. We are called to a sincere work of prayer.