Good Morning September 4

There were two federal court cases in the news yesterday. One lifted the league suspension for a football quarter back concerning questionable behavior at last year’s Super Bowl. The other sent a county clerk to prison for standing on her Christian conviction about same sex marriage. I’m sure there is much debate on the merits or demerits of both cases. Legal decisions are hard and fast leaving no room for grace. But something seem amiss when we elevate a sports figure above one seeking to live by Biblical convictions. The law is the law, but we’ve seen throughout history that there are times when believers are required by conscience to stand against the law. Was this not the strength behind the civil rights movement? (And as an aside, the current move to redefine marriage cannot be equated with this.) What the Kentucky clerk is doing is a reminder to all believers to consider well the conviction they hold, and their willingness to stand on them in the face of opposition. It may not be a situation that goes before the Supreme Court, but we all face times when our beliefs are tested. God had said to Joshua as he was about to lead Israel over the Jordan into Canaan, “Be strong and very courageous.”(1:6) Those are words well suited for all Christians in what we face in our modern world.