Good Morning September 11

This is the anniversary of the September 11th attack on three American sites. For weeks afterward churches were filled and people were praying to God for help and direction. As too often happens when things started getting back to “normal” churches began to empty again. Does it really take a physical tragedy to get us to open our eyes? Those who attacked us claimed they did so because of the decadence of western culture. Nothing justifies their actions, but there is truth in their claim. We have grown very lax in our faith and our moral standards. This is a spiritual attack far greater than anything that happened in 2001. Should our churches not be filled now, imploring our God for mercy and help? Should we not be speaking out more about our true Christian convictions? We do not fight with the same weapons as our enemies, but we have a God who is able to defend us in all times and needs. Should we not humble ourselves before Him and seek His mercy?