Good Morning September 15

One of the hard lessons that we learn, or at least are supposed to, as we grow up is that we can’t do everything we want to, or that feels good, or is fun. That is not the way life is, and it is really not good for us anyway. As we grow, and I think growth happens at every age, we learn that our happiness, satisfaction, and joy come from outside of us, not within us. They come by doing that which is good and right for other people. They come from completing a task well, having given it our best effort. They come from facing a challenge and standing up to it even if it hurts. Fun and pleasure are nice when they happen, but they aren’t, and can’t be, the satisfying substance of life. Life consists of learning to please, to bring honor, to do good for someone beyond ourselves. First to our Lord who has give us life, and then to the others He brings to us. A friend of mine has reminded me of a saying that, it is not that we think less of ourselves, but we think of ourselves less. Humility, obedience, teachability, and trust are all characteristics in which our Lord, by His Spirit, helps us to grow.