Good Morning September 16

It is always interesting to watch the fans at football games. They are willing to wear outlandish head gear, paint their bodies, die their hair, yell, scream, and do all sorts of antics to cheer their team on to victory. Such is the uninhibited enthusiasm they are willing to display. But that word is interesting. Enthusiasm has a Greek root, en – theos, in God or possessed by God. Ah, but now we are in a different realm. That has to do with church, and we don’t get enthusiastic in church. But why not? We have the greatest truth possible. Almighty God, Creator of the heavens and the earth, loves us. He calls us to be His children. In Him we are of the greatest worth. In Jesus Christ He has redeemed us, giving us a new life. He assures us that, in Him, life doesn’t end. God’s truth for us endures, not for the length of a game or a season, but for all eternity. It seems to me that is something to get excited about. Maybe we won’t die our hair or paint our faces over it, but we can sing the hymns with gusto, and have a big smile on our faces when we leave the communion rail. God’s love is the greatest gift any of us ever receives. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.