Good Morning September 17

I’ve been reading again the account of the Prophet Elijah and his encounters with King Ahab.(I Kings18-19) Elijah has seen the Lord’s hand work in mighty ways. The Lord has fed him and cared for him for a number of years. He had an encounter with the prophets of Baal on Mt. Carmel where God sent down fire from heaven, after which Elijah had 450 Baal prophets killed. All mighty acts, but then he receives a death threat from the King’s wife Jezebel, and has to flee the area. Elijah is tired. He hides in a cave, and complains to the Lord about the whole situation he faces. Reading this account shows how true this is for those serving the Lord in this fallen world. We do see successes. We know the Lord answers prayers, but then we look out at the magnitude of the task still there. We can feel overwhelmed and alone even as Elijah did. As Elijah sat alone at the mouth of the cave the Lord showed him a great earthquake, a might wind, and a fire, but the Lord was not in any of these. Then came a gentle whisper, and Elijah knew it was the voice of God. The Lord also assured him that there were yet 7000 in Israel who had not bowed to Baal. He was not alone. Life can be discouraging, even overwhelming, but God is still there. He comes to us in many gentle whispers, and with the assurance that we are not alone. Even if we don’t see them, others are standing with us and supporting us in prayer. Elijah went out of the cave with that assurance, and that his task would be completed in the Lord’s will.