Good Morning


Good Morning
There are a number of Old Testament figures like Noah, Abraham, Moses, and David that are attested to as pleasing God, or being a friend of God, or being a man after God’s own heart. We move down to the times of the Prophets reading of their great actions, even some miraculous signs. We come to the Apostles of our Lord seeing how they preached, the miracles shown through them, and their willingness to suffer for the faith. All of these, great witnesses to faith in our Almighty God. Our testimonies can never seem to match up to theirs. We can begin to feel inferior. But the first thing we must say about all of these men and women is that none of them were without sin. They were all sinful as we are, and they were all forgiven by God’s grace just as we are. They were called by God to the place where He wanted them. God was working in their lives according to His purpose. He is calling and working no less in ours. God gave gifts and strengths to them for the various needs and places of His calling. By our baptism into Christ we are given gifts and strengths for all the times and places to which He calls us. In fact, in baptism we are given the indwelling presence of God, the Holy Spirit, which none of the Old Testament saints had. In all that God has given we are in no way inferior. Our actions may never seem to match some of the Biblical accounts, but we stand under the same love and grace as all of our fore bearers, and like them we are simply called to be faithful where God has placed us.


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