Good Morning September 22

We are deluged in this pre-election season with candidates seeking the U.S. presidency. If a candidate says anything about the Bible or their Christian faith they are told they must leave their faith conviction aside from their public speech and duties. If they say anything it is called “fear mongering”. At times, we have even heard candidates say that they will not let their faith interfere with their office. It is true that someone in public service is called to serve all the people, to act justly, and to uphold the laws of the land. But a Christian cannot separate their faith in Christ from task they do in the secular world. In fact, we are called to be the salt and light to the world. This doesn’t mean that we use the office to convert everyone else, but it does mean that we use all the virtues of Christ in sacrificial service to others. As the Lord leads we also use our voice to speak God’s truth as best we understand it. And if there is an irreconcilable conflict between the task and our conviction, it means obeying God rather than man. Even if this means resigning the office. The point is that true faith convictions cannot be separated from daily action. And I think this is true for all faiths.