Good Morning September 23

I was reading in chapter six of the Second Book of Kings in the Old Testament giving an account of the Prophet Elisha retrieving an ax head from the Jordan River by making the iron float. Now we all know that iron doesn’t naturally float. There is this, and a number of other accounts recorded that are counter to both logic and science. People can go to great lengths to explain them away, or simply declare them fairy tales. This calls into question the veracity of the Bible. “Oh, it’s just a book of ancient stories like Aesop’s fables.” However, several questions come to mind. Is God able to make an ax head float? Well, yes, of course. Has He ever? That’s a different issue. Jesus said that the power of faith could move mountains. (Matthew 17:20) Do I believe Jesus? Yes. The problem with getting hung up on accounts like ax heads floating is that we miss the whole picture of what God is doing for and with people He created and loves. I don’t have a good answer to why that account is in chapter six. But I see God continually working through the Prophet to turn people’s hearts back to Himself. For me, that is sufficient to make an ax head float.