Good Morning October 8

Yesterday I used an illustration from the creation account in Genesis three. People are all to quick to write off those early chapters of the Bible as myth, lumping them them in with Babylonian and other creations stories. But there is a lot of solid God given truth here. A large part of our trouble and confusion today comes from ignoring what God has taught us for our good. I don’t see the world all of a sudden accepting these basic principles of life. However, we who believe them, and seek to live them in our own lives and families are His witnesses. We share this life with one person, one family at a time. Having fellowship with our Lord, living in and honoring a covenant marriage, seeking to be obedient to God’s Word, abiding in the peace that Christ gives, these are things that speak loudly to others. Maybe then they will want to learn about the source from which this life comes. The Book of Genesis is really good stuff. Perhaps others will see it through us.