Good Morning October 9

Scientist and engineers have been working for some time to develop artificial intelligence. The big thing today is cars that drive themselves. I know it is an important part of automation. It is just that the human brain is such a marvelous God-created gift that it will never be matched. We only use a small portion of it as it is. But above all, intelligence is not the issue. What we need is wisdom. It is only wisdom that gives the proper direction to use the intelligence we have. Further, Scripture teaches us that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Unfortunately, in our stubbornness we reject that source. It is God who created us, and has determined the best way for us to live. In so many ways we have pushed Him aside in favor of our own human reason. Except for a lot of technological advances, we really can’t say that we have progressed in ways that are really important for the total good of mankind. It is time we put in as much effort seeking the source of all true wisdom as we do in our scientific endeavors.