Good Morning October 12

A Christian youth organization is currently traveling around to college campuses with a pro life​ message. Their intent is to meet and talk with as many students as they can. They use no high pressure tactics, but simply try to share the truth about the sanctity of life. What is striking is the contrast of their actions to the opposition they have received. Not only have there been demonstrations against them with signs and slogans, but foul language, sexually obscene actions, and vandalism. There is no sense of reasonable dialog, and the Christian youth are the ones being accused of being closed minded. It seems to me that this only proves the truth of their position. The opposition has no argument to defeat the truth. They can only try to destroy it. This has been true ever since the Man of Truth was born in Bethlehem, and Him they nailed to a Roman cross. God’s truth will prevail, but it will also face opposition because it is the one truth that will finally destroy the devil and all his works.