Good Morning October 13

I love TV commercials. You can put “love” in quotes. It’s only because they provide some sermon illustrations, being as they are something of a mirror of human life. A beer commercial during a recent football game had a number of slogan lines, two of which said “believe in something” and “remember where you came from”. I don’t remember exactly how they were used, but presumably to give some solidness and direction for life – of which their beer should be a part! “Believe in something.” Yes, but it makes a huge difference in what one believes. To believe only in beer as a part of a “good life” is a dead end. To believe in a cause as ISIS does leads only to destruction. Obvious, my context for writing is to believe in the life given to us in our Saviour, Jesus Christ. This is the belief that leads to hope and peace. And how about “remember where you came from”? The meaning for beer? Well that is up for grabs. But for us, a very important truth. We have come from a God who loves us with an everlasting love, and a God in whose presence we will spend eternity. The beer is fine, and I’ll share one now and then, but the truth of these slogans in the Christian contest is the content of our whole life.