Join Me In Prayer Wednesday October 14

Most Holy Lord, we praise and glorify Your name. You who put Your name among Your people Israel to dwell with them and be there God. You, who through them brought forth our Saviour, Jesus the Christ. You have done all that is necessary to redeem mankind and draw all people to Yourself. To You be glory and praise now and forever. Lord we do humble ourselves before You confessing our sins, and our failure to do Your will. For Jesus sake forgive us, cleanse our hearts, and help us to begin again. Especially Lord, Help us by Your Spirit to be more urgent in prayer. Not just for ourselves and the physical needs we see in ones we care about, but for the brokenness that has entered this world because of sin, and yielding to the influence of Satan. Lord, we hear so much about gun control for stopping the shooting deaths that have happened all too often, but what we need is heart control. And only You can do that. By the presence of Your Holy Spirit work in hearts and mind to turn again to You, to find their peace in You. Good Father, the anger that drives these people is really in all of us. We have learned to control and deal with it, but it is there. Forgive us, calm and quiet our hearts, and help us to hold firmly to You in complete trust for all our needs. Help us to forgive as we have been forgiven. Make us an island of peace in the midst of our homes, our workplaces, and wherever we are. Do let You peace be a witness to those we meet. Father, we pray all these things in the blessed name of Jesus our Saviour and Lord. Amen.