Good Morning October 16

We have written before about the necessity of hearing both the Law and the Gospel. The Law of God shows us our sins and declares our lostness, our total separation from our holy God. The Gospel declares our righteousness through faith in Jesus Christ. In the Law we are condemned. In the Gospel we are able to stand in righteousness before the Father. And these two are present simultaneously. What does that mean? It sounds like a Get Out Of Jail Free card. One can do whatever they want, and still be OK with the Lord. Not so! It means that our lives continually stand in humility at the foot of the cross. It means that apart from Him our sins destroy us, but turning to Him when we sin means cleansing and a new start. It means that we are bound to our Saviour in love for giving us something so unspeakably great as His righteousness and life. It means that living in this great love we desire with all of our actions to bring honor to His name. We live our life in the light of both God’s holy law, and the truth of our salvation in Jesus Christ. And in this light we live.