Good Morning October 26

As Paul traveled from place to place he taught people about Jesus, but when he got to the part about His resurrection from the dead, it stirred up many questions and some opposition. Paul was opening up something that was far wider than the daily life they saw and understood. He would talk about heavenly realms and about God’s Kingdom. It was a realm entered through faith in Jesus whom he preached, and who loved them and had given His life for them. This expanded view of life gave them a new hope, and a new perspective on their daily lives. Nothing has changed. The message Paul preached is still true today. Too often we cover it over with sentimental misconceptions which detract from the power of God’s truth. God created you. God loves you. God has redeemed you through Jesus Christ. God has a purpose for you during your years on earth, and His purpose extends into eternity. What you experience now is preparation for all that God has yet before you. As with Paul’s listeners, this expanded view of life gives a new meaning to everything we do now, and a hope for all that is yet to come.