Good Morning October 27

At last evening’s Men’s Bible Study we finished our study in Proverbs looking at chapter 31. Anyone familiar with that chapter knows that it speaks of the characteristics of a virtuous woman. Of the passage’s 21 verses 18 exalt the character of the woman, and 3 speak of the husband. He seems to be having a good old time with the boys at the city gate while she is doing all the work. Modern feminism sees this as the superiority of women over men, and that they are capable of making it on their own. This, however, is not the messages of Proverbs 31. This passage portrays the complementary roles of both men and women. Both are needed. Both are equally important. The woman’s concerns are nurturing, caring for her home, her community, and for the poor. The man’s role in the city gate is that of protection for the family and the community, and for the overall moral, spiritual, and administrative direction of those in his care. This has nothing to do with the fact that he can also take a turn washing dishes or cleaning the floor. Proverbs 31 emphasizes the complementary functions of men and women that are repeated throughout Scripture, and that we have confused and ignored in our modern times to our own hurt. Maybe we need to take another look at the way God designed us from the beginning.