Good Morning October 28

There are a number of interesting themes being presented on the fall TV line up. Limitless – a pill causes a man to use 100% of his brain capability to solve great problems. Scorpion – a group of geniuses tackle situations with incredible feats. Supergirl – a takeoff on Superman defeating all the bad guys. We are fascinated with superheros who can consistently overcome evil, and get the good people out of bad situations. I think we may look to political candidates to do the same thing. The problem is that real life doesn’t work that way. Hebrews chapter 11 gives a list of ones the Bible would calls heroes. Many of their names are unknown. They were people who simply did what was required of them day by day. They trusted God and accepted their responsibilities. In many cases their lives didn’t turn out with peace and prosperity. So maybe the real superheroes are those who accept the tasks God has given them, and move forward to do it to the best of their ability. These will never have a major TV show, but they will honor their Lord, and do good for those in their care.