Good Morning October 30

Years ago I was in California for 3 months with the company I was then working for. I spent time in both LA and San Francisco. I was impressed by the difference between the two. Southern CA was very casual, I would say even sloppy to the eyes of this young eastern boy, compared to Northern CA which seemed much more proper in dress and manners. I’m talking 50 plus years, and a lot has changed. Chuck Colson mentioned this in one of his commentaries. “There were taboos and limits on what was considered appropriate under certain circumstances. People were concerned with what has now become a very quaint term: decorum – the proper behavior, the proper attitude, the proper clothing.” He points out the connection between this and our attitude toward moral values. “A civil society demands civility, decorum, appropriate behavior and dress – taboos enforced by cultural pressures. If you don’t have that, you’re going to have chaos.” I think we see much of this chaos today, and it is another indicator of how far we have moved from our foundational beliefs, including our Judeo/Christian roots. We are not going to change a lot in our society, but we can stand for things of value for ourselves and for our family.