Good Morning November 6

This week has been an important reminder of a truth we call the Body of Christ. It began on Sunday with the worship service celebration of All Saints. On Monday I had a funeral for an elderly saint who had been a part of our fellowship for more than 40 years. Monday afternoon I flew to St. Louis for three and a half days of a pastor’s conference with 60 of my brothers from across the country. On Thursday morning in a time of prayer, my brothers gathered around another pastor and me to lay hands on and pray for medical needs. On Thursday evening I returned home to my, wife, family, and congregation. I relate all this because of the visible manifestation of being a part of the Body of Christ. This is real strength for each day of life. Whether worshiping together as a congregation, facing the sadness of death’s separation, learning and sharing faith together as a group of believers, being surrounded by ones who pray for a need, or being at home in the love of family, the value of knowing we are a part of the Body of Christ is a great treasure. I can tell you further about Mel, a man I sat next to while waiting for the flight home. Mel was heading to another city to take care of his mother’s affairs after her recent death. We talked of the Lord, and I told him I would pray that all went well with the tasks he faced. Most likely I will never meet Mel again this side of the Kingdom, but we are still part of the one body. Dear Christian, know with certainty that you are part of one body, one fellowship, one family in the Lord Jesus Christ. You are cared about and cared for, just as you care for those around you. The Body of Christ is a treasure beyond any material worth.