Good Morning November 13

Years ago in seminary I had to write a short sketch on one of the Old Testaments prophets. I was assigned a fellow by the name of Micaiah ben Imlah. Never heard of him? Neither had I at the time. He is certainly not like the major ones Isaiah, Jeremiah, or even like Hosea, or Joel. Micaiah was called on to advise Israel’s king whether he should go into a particular battle or not. The word Micaiah had from the Lord was that the battle would end in disaster for the king and his army. The only problem was that the king had previously consulted his regular cadre of 400 prophets, all of whom advised him to go into battle. One voice against against 400. Yet Micaiah was right. The army was defeated and the king died in battle. Often, in our fallen world, the Lord’s voice is overwhelmed by the shouts of modern prophets proclaiming a new way, a better way, a way that accords with modern thinking. Yet like the kings army it will ultimately lead to disaster. We each have one voice, guided by God’s Word, and with the council of the Holy Spirit and prayer. Let us be willing to humbly stand on that Word even against a multitude of modern prophets.