Good Morning November 17

When a person see a beautiful sight we sometimes hear the expression “it is breathtaking”. There is a sense of awe and wonder concerning the experience. I have a CD recording of Mozart’s Ave Verum that I will sometimes play through my computer while I’m working. I don’t understand the words of the composition but the music and vocals are wonderful. I’ve been in groups of Christians singing a majestic hymn of our faith. At times its beauty has been so great I’ve had to stop singing and let the sound surround me with its wonder. I hope you can identify with this in one form or another. It is more than an emotional experience. It is being enveloped in a beauty beyond words. We can’t live in those experiences continually while on earth, but I think they are windows that God gives for a brief look into the Glory of His kingdom. This is a small glimpse into the glory that awaits all who are in Christ Jesus.