Good Morning November 19

The government is running totally amuck in efforts to be inclusive. A Washington state coach was suspended for praying on the football field – after the game was over and all the players had left the field. An Alabama Teacher of the Year with 21 years elementary school experience chose to resign rather than be forced to pay more fees and take more tests to prove that she was qualified to teach. A Chicago school district was overruled by the U.S. Department of Education in wanting to use a privacy screen in a girls locker room so a transgender male could use it. The Department rejected the argument that boys and girls should not see each other naked. An Ohio couple lost their business when they declined to host a same-sex wedding. If one looks at synonyms for amock they find berserk, batty, nuts, and even demoniacal and possessed. It is right to treat all people fairly, with respect, and seek to understand their needs and struggles in life, but at the same time we do not abandon the God-given values established for our good. I don’t have an answer, and the next election isn’t going to change much. I do know the values our Lord has given, and the need to stand on those values regardless of the cost. This is the witness we have to the truth and goodness of our Lord.