Good Morning November 27

People will speak of trusting themselves, or trusting a very close friend. Some will say they only trust what they can apprehend with their five senses. Having just come through a surgical procedure I’ve experiences a whole multilevel of trust. I began by trusting my surgeon that he was competent to do what needed to be done. I had to trust that each of the nurses who stuck needles in my arms knew the right procedures and had made no mistakes in the chemicals they were pumping into me. Being wheeled into an operating room filled with technology all developed by people I didn’t know, I had to trust their competency and that the equipment wouldn’t fail. I had to trust the anesthesiologist that she could put me to sleep and bring me awake again, and that while I was asleep a whole teem of people trusted each other, and had my best interest as their main concern. The list goes on, but you see that we are people who live by trust, even to flipping a light switch that the light will come on. If we trust at all these human levels how much more we should trust the Lord who created this incredibly complex body, has shown us His care through all our years, and has left His mark on all we see around us. Sure there are bad things out there, and all operations don’t go well, but we don’t blame God for that. We have rebelled from Him in so many ways, and yet He has given us the grace to turn again and find forgiveness and restoration through Jesus Christ. The greatest operation that has ever been performed is removing our sin and giving us His righteousness. And that we can trust for all eternity.