Good Morning November 30

Why were Jesus and the Pharisees at such odds with each other? Jesus didn’t reject the Jewish worship at the Temple or the synagogue. He didn’t reject the laws of Moses. In fact, on a couple of occasions he sent people to them to do as they instructed. Rather, they had established such a rigid system with the laws that they lost all sense of grace and caring for the good of the people. And because they were keepers of the law, their pride of position elevated themselves above everyone else. They had lost sight of all that the law and the prophets were pointing to. It’s easy for us to sit here 2000 years removed and judge them for their hardness of heart, but we must always be careful not to fall into their same patterns of life. Rigidity for the way we’ve always done things is at time a church characteristic that can get in the way of ministry and service to others. And the specter of pride of position is present in any leadership task. Laws and doctrines are important. They guide us into the true life of our Lord. They are given for our good, but they must be administered with humility and grace. Our call is always to love as Jesus loved. He died holding to the truths of God, but He was also the One who washed the disciples feet.