Good Morning December 4

In the banking system tellers are taught to spot counterfeit bills by carefully studying real bills. This is important. When a counterfeit comes along, something just doesn’t look right, and a real caution sign is raised to the tellers attention. This is exactly why we emphasize the importance of studying Scripture. Scripture is the real thing. Scripture is God’s revealed word showing the pattern of life God intended for the people He created. This is not just some legal requirement of dos and don’ts. It is a most beautiful engraving on the heart of a way of life that leads to our best good, and our unhindered fellowship with our Lord. When some other image comes along, as it does often in our modern world, we see it as a counterfeit. Ultimately, counterfeit bill, when detected, will be destroyed. The desire of our God, the God of all Scripture, is not to destroy anyone, but that all would see and come to the true way of life. We want to see all people in the valuable way of life God intended.