Good Morning December 8

A Pastor friend of mine was able to be with us over the weekend, and conducted the service for us. He made a comment in his message that I thought to be a very important reminder for us in this Christmas Season. People often say that “Jesus is the reason for the Season”, which, he said, that is not really correct. We are the reason for the season. For God so loved you and me that He gave us His only Son. It is because God knew our fallen and helpless condition that He sent Jesus to be our Redeemer. He gave us a gift of life in Christ that we could never obtain for ourselves. Whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.(John 3:16) You see, dear one, you are the reason for this Season, and that is the most glorious and humbling truth we could ever find. It is the Pearl of Great Price, and it is your gift through faith in Jesus Christ.