Good Morning December 10

This is the gift gifting season, and the season for making lists of wants. It’s the merchants survival season, and the last minute rack your brain for that one last gift season. Sometimes it all seems so frantic. It does raise the question of why we give gifts? It’s expected in this season. It’s an obligation because someone else is giving us a gift. It’s a financial gift because we get a year-end tax deduction. Or maybe we really love the ones to whom we give and just want them to have joy and pleasure. Scripture says that “God so loved that He gave”. This obviously is the pure motive for giving. To give because we love, with no thought of a return, only the desire for the other to have joy. In this kind of giving the physical size or expense of the gift matters little. One is giving a piece of their heart to another. This may all sound like a lot of sentimental rambling, but maybe it does help us think about what we are doing in this season.