Good Morning December 11

We wrote about gift giving yesterday. There is another aspect of this that we might consider, that of being a thankful receiver. It often happen with receiving a gift, or even a favor from someone, that one feels the obligation to give something in return. We are given a gift. We must give a gift in return. We are invited to dinner. We must return the favor. Sometimes this is fine, and we like to “exchange” gifts, but we also need to learn how to be a grateful receiver. This begins with our Lord. There is nothing we can return to Him for the grace He has and continues to give us. We can only give him humble thanks and praise. With other, if we have the opportunity to return a kindness, that’s fine, but learning to be a gracious receive is important. It is not that we “expect” to receive, or feel that we are “owed” a gift. It is not that we are obligated and beholding to the giver. We are not selfishly looking for all we can get. We can simply say a grateful “thank you” for the love that has been shown. Sometimes the best return to the giver is a warm hug, or a firm handshake.