Good Morning December 21

Yesterday’s sermon was about the wonder of the Christmas Season. Unfortunately, as we grow older, having faced the work, the hassles, and the losses of life, the wonder is tainted by life’s realities. But that is the very point of the marvelous wonder of this Christmas time. Almighty God came into this world with all its work, hassles, and losses not only to experience all that we experience, but to redeem our lives in the midst of them. Christmas is far more than decorated trees and sales at the mall. Christmas, above all, is Emmanuel, God with us. This is the wonder of all wonders. The joy of all joys. That Almighty God has loved you personally so much that He sent is only Son into your life to pay the penalty for all your sins, and to give you the assurance that, no matter your good times or bad, He will never leave or forsake you. Jesus promised that God’s Spirit, the third person of the Holy Trinity, would be with you and live in you. Christmas is Emmanuel, God with us. Don’t ever lose the wonder of that truth.