Good Morning December 25

There will be a lot of gifts opened today if it hasn’t already happened. People have been shopping and planning for weeks for this one day to find the right gift, one that would bring joy and pleasure. Oh, sometimes gifts are bought out of obligation, but the best gifts are chosen and given because of love and the desire for good for the one receiving the gift. There is a gift, expressly for you, selected eons before you were born, and suited expressly for your needs and your good. It is a gift given in the deepest love, a gift that gives life and joy. It came in the most nondescript packaging that many have ignored, but that proved to be the most valuable of all. It is a gift given specifically to you, but also intended for all mankind. This is a gift to be treasured, and never neglected.

May you have a very blessed Christmas,
and the gift you have received this day strengthen and guide you through all of your days.
God’s blessing, in Christ Jesus our Lord.