Good Morning December 29

The western world has wanted and substantially achieved a secular society. From the time of the first rebellion from God the battle has always been over the question of who holds the center of life? Is it God, or is it man? We have largely answered that man is the center of life. Even my point yesterday that for most people the message of Christmas is peace and good will is a man centered answered. We do it. We achieve it. We just strive to be nice to one another, and then pile more laws on top to see that we are. It doesn’t work. It has never worked. If we learn anything from the history of ancient Israel it was that only when they were willing to look beyond themselves, and fall humbly before God in repentance, looking for and trusting Him to intervene that change came. But that is not practical! That is not doing anything! Oh, but it is. It is the most powerful thing we can do, because our Lord is the only source of true strength we have. Yes, there are many who are doing fine, self-sacrificing works for the good of others. We must all strive for this in whatever ways God leads. But this will not ultimately change the direction of society. It is for each believer to come humbly before our Lord, asking for forgiveness of our sins, and the sins of our people, and imploring Him to come and redeem us. That alone will bring change.