Good Morning January 4

We have a Christmas ornament in the center of our tree. It is a cardboard quarter moon about seven inches long. Sitting on the lower edge is a monkey playing a guitar. It is a rather nonsensical ornament, but the thing about it is that it has been on our family Christmas trees for probably the last 100 years. It is carefully stored in its own box from year to year, and the last ornament to be put on the tree each Christmas. A rather silly little exercise, but a family tradition, and each generation of children has looked for the monkey in the moon. Tradition are important. They are our connection to past generations. They are roots, and anchors to who we are. Certainly not all things in the past are good and to be continued. All must be examined through the lens of God’s Word, but where they are good and solid they provide an identity and a strength for who we are today. This is also the reason for the historic liturgy in our worship service. We are part of all the saints back into the early centuries of the Church. We are God’s children for Jesus sake.