Good Morning January 12

When we want to see something in a dark room we turn on a light. We don’t go over to stare into the light bulb. Likewise, we look around during the daytime seeing what the sun illuminates. We do not stare into the sun. So it is with our Lord. We have so many of those pesky “why” questions about personal circumstances, or national or international tragedies. We try to storm the heavens asking “why God?” But that is like staring into the sun. It will likely cause blindness rather than sight. There are things we simply can’t know about the mind and will of God. But we can see what God has illuminated, beginning with His Son, the perfect light of God’s love. Jesus “is the image of the invisible God,…”(Colossians 1:15) He is the One who the Father sent to redeem us from the brokenness of this fallen world, to shed light and give strength in all times and circumstances, good and bad. What is illuminated by the Son shows us that the Source of all light is good, and will finally bring all things to their right conclusion.