Good Morning January 19

We all live two lives. There is the outward life of those things that we do and say on a daily basis. Our schedules, our interactions with people, our home life, the service we do for others. But there is also an inward life, those things that we think about but never speak, our fears, our desires, our hurts, the personal sins we struggle with. We generally get along very well, and life stays in balance. But that inward life is always there to ponder. This is the life that is known only to us and to the Lord. I ran across a wonderful prayer in one verse of Psalm 41:4. “As for me, I said, “O LORD, be gracious to me; Heal my soul, for I have sinned against You.” Putting it in my words, “Heal my soul. The place of my innermost thoughts and struggles of life, the place of my secret sins, the place that only You and I inhabit gracious Lord.” What a great truth this is. We are told repeatedly in Scripture that the Lord loves us, that He is a God of greatest grace, that He has redeemed us, and works for our best in life. It is to this God that we can come, and commit the inner most part of our being for healing and renewal of life. We are never alone. It is our God who works from the inside out to bring us into a fullness of His life. In that we can greatly rejoice.