Good Morning January 22

I was at the food store, hardware store, and gas station yesterday. Every place was packed with people. Like everyone else, I was getting what I thought we needed because of the impending blizzard forecast for the east coast. We have all the warning signs. The forecast is continually updated telling us when we will see the first snow flakes, and how much to expect over the next hours. We are all very attentive and responsive to the news. You probably know where I am going with this. There is another event that is coming, about which we are told signs to look for, and precautions to take – the return of our Lord. In Luke chapter 12 Jesus told the parable of the master of a house going on a journey, leaving his servants in charge, and telling them to be prepared and watch for His return. He concluded that parable by saying, “You also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him.”(vs.40) We say that the time table for our Lord’s return is not as clear as the impending blizzard. Maybe not, but the instruction is still the same, watch and be prepared. This preparation is not stocking up on food and water. It is a heart preparation of desiring and praying for His return, and continuing to live and work daily for His glory. Let this be for us even more of a preparation than what is needed for a blizzard.

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