Good Morning February 5

When one thinks about the execution of Jesus, the question arises about who was responsible for His killing? Was it the Jews? Was it the Romans? Was it all of our own sins? The answer is – none of these! The one responsible for the death of Jesus was God the Father, Himself. Certainly, all of our sins are the reason He had to die, but that atoning sacrifice was part of God’s plan before time began. It was first announced in the Garden that an offspring of the woman would come to crush the head of the Serpent. His death was foretold in prophecies in numerous places in the Old Testament. Jesus knew that His earthly destiny was the cross. God loves mankind – each and every one of us – so much, and has such a wonderful, eternal plan for us. He determined a way to complete that plan in spite of our rebellion. Not by ignoring it, or pretending it is not so bad, but by offering up the sacrifice of His only begotten Son in our place. God, Himself, took in His own being, the punishment we justly deserve. It was God, the Father, who killed Jesus, His only Son, making atonement for all sins. And He did it for you.