Good Morning February 8

I am currently reading a novel. As with all stories it begins introducing the characters involved, and setting out the plot. It progresses through a variety of twists and turns, but heads to a climax. The events involved are usually resolved, the characters brought to a completion of their personal stories for good or bad. In other words there is a complete flow of the story from beginning to end. The Bible is like that as well. It is the greatest of stories, better to say true accounts, of God’s creation and redemption of mankind. The Bible is a long book. Certainly not read in one sitting, and we sometimes get sidetracked by names or events we find confusing. We need to see the complete story of the Bible from creation and man’s first rebellion from God, through God’s work with Israel, our redemption in Christ, the Gospel brought to the world through the Church, and to the promised final completion of God’s plan in the return of Jesus, and the fullness of God’s Kingdom. It is one account from Genesis through Revelation of God’s hand working for the good of the people He created for His purpose. We should have that full account firmly in mind, just as we would be able to tell the plot and flow of a good novel we’ve read. This is the greatest story ever written. One that includes us, and is about the content and future of our very lives.