Good Morning February 12

I am writing this to the kids who read my paragraph. By kids I mean anyone 50 years younger than I am, which covers a fair span. Yesterday I quoted the commentator’s remark about people wanting “easily digestible sound bites that make them feel good”. I think that’s a terrible commentary on our times, and, at least in part, due to the proliferation of smartphones. I’m asking you to put down your smartphone and read a book. Sit down and have a real face to face conversation with someone. A text message may convey information, but it is not a conversation. It is not a relationship that is deepened by seeing a persons face, understanding their expressions through the tone in their voice, and feeling a real connection between two living beings. A Google search is handy, but it doesn’t replace a book as a means of connecting with the authors overall thesis. Electronics do not really help in learning to think, reason things out, and grow into maturity. God created us for far more than superficialities, and sound bite understanding. Ok, so I am old, but I’m also right in this. Put away your smartphone, and go have a real conversation with someone.