Good Morning February 18

There has been a lot of debate about filling the Supreme Court seat of Judge Scalia. In one article a former White House counsel for President Obama remarked, “The Supreme Court has not reflected where the American people have been on issues. This is the first opportunity in many, many years to bring the court more in line with the American people.” But, naive me, I thought the Court was to reflect the Constitution, and not the current trends of society. Of course, that is the argument that has been going on for some time between those who believe the Constitution to be a living, changing document, and those who follow a strict interpretation. We do the same thing with the Bible. “Does that really apply today? We know so much more now than when that was written. We must change with the times.” It is the doing away with absolute values in favor of what satisfies our current needs and desires. This has always gotten mankind into trouble. There is a wisdom about life that was written into our Constitution to which we need to pay attention. And even more so the absolute values given in God’s Word, given for our good.