Good Morning February 22

I know I write a number of things that are old fashioned, and out of step with modern thinking, but just maybe I’m right on a few of them. We have heard a lot over the the past years about gender discrimination and gender equality. Some of it is right. Some of it is very wrong. Men and women are equal in the sight of God. Peter wrote that we are joint heirs in the grace of life. But men and women are not interchangeable. God has created men and women different in more than biology. Each has characteristics the other needs. They are complementary. God did not create an egalitarian world. Now here is a statement for which I will be condemned by modern thinkers. Women are the weaker sex. I certainly don’t mean in intelligence, many abilities, or even necessarily in physical strength and endurance. God didn’t give the task of having babies to men. He knew we couldn’t handle it. But the unique qualities God has given women need to be cared for and protested. Our society often forces women into roles that are not for their good, and the feminist movement has not been helpful. Of course there are many wrongs against women that need to be righted, but they all stem from ignoring the intent for which God created men and women. Many more things need to be said than can be put in a brief paragraph, but give it some thought. Women deserve our honor, respect, and yes, our protection.