Good Morning March 4

We have a habit in the family of saying “I love you” frequently – when we end a phone conversation; when we are going out the door; or just at occasional times during the day. It has become an important habit for us. We all need to hear it, wives from husbands and visa versa, children from parents, and parents for children. Even good friends can share this sentiment. It is not just a casual or empty remark. It is not an awkward, syrupy expression. It is a word of assurance that you are important to me, and I will try always to do what is for your good. Above all, we need to hear it from our Lord. He has said it to us in a myriad of ways. “I love you so much that I gave My only Son for you.”(John 3:16) We can be strong and get through our days doing what has to be done, but we also need the assurance that someone is standing beside us, someone to whom we matter very much. Above all know that you matter to the Lord.