Good Morning March 8

We like to see the results of the things we hold to be true. We believe in electricity. When we flip a light switch, we don’t see the electrons running through the wires inside the wall, but we see the light come on. So we believe that the electrons are there. Just because we don’t see a result doesn’t mean that something isn’t happening. A light bulb may be burned out, but the electrons are still in the wire. So it is with our prayers. We want to see the results of our prayers and often do. But there are times when we pray and pray with nothing seeming to happen. We look at the outward results when our Lord begins His work on the inside. The Lord’s greatest miracles are those of turning hearts to Himself, of forgiving sins, of healing deep and long held hurts. These will be seen later on in changed lives, but there is so much happening that is unseen. It is why Jesus encourages us to continue to pray and not lose heart. He further said, “blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe.” God does love you, care about you, and is working for your good far beyond anything your eyes presently see.