Good Morning March 11

You many have heard the story of the school playground before, but it contains a good object lessons. An elementary school was having a new playground installed. The school was located on a busy street. Everything had been completed except the chain link fence out by the road. A teacher took her class out for recess to play, but because of the traffic all the children stayed close to the school building. A few day later the fence was completed. Now when the children went out they had the run of the whole school year, and had a great time. The fence gave them freedom to run and play. Psalm 119:45 says, “I will walk about in freedom, for I have sought out your precepts.” We complain about a lot of the laws enacted, and, yes, some of them are pretty bad, but laws, especially God’s laws, are necessary. We live under a constitution. We believe in fidelity in marriage. Parents establish rules for children. These are the fences that give us freedom in safety, and a way to grow in a God honoring life. Psalm 119 seems long and redundant with is repetition about laws, statues, precepts, and ordinances. But the psalmist rejoices in them because it gives him understanding of his Lord, and a way of life that is for his good.