Good Morning March 14

Dilbert is a newspaper cartoon poking fun at the operations of a big corporation. One of the subsidiaries of the fictional company is located in the country of Elbonia. The Elbonians live and work in mud up to their waists, but they have lived in that condition for so long it has become normal. This, I think, is very much a picture of our land. We get used to conditions we’ve lived in for some years calling them normal. This is especially serious with things that are not pleasing to God, soon forgetting they are wrong. We talk about progress, and certainly we’ve benefited from those medical and technological advances that have improved our lives. But progress is not to change the basic values God has given for our good. This is where getting used to a new normal can destroy us. We have a standard in Holy Scripture by which all of the “normals” of life are to be judged. Accepting something because we call it progress, or feeling right, or having done it that way for years is not sufficient reason to change what God has told us is right.