Good Morning March 22

One would think that a person going into a town where He knew He would be killed would turn and go the other way. This was not the case with Jesus. He had a task to accomplish which could only come about by his sacrificial death. Oh, it is not something He wanted. He was fully human, fully a man. He didn’t want to go through the suffering and pain He knew was ahead. He didn’t want to die. But there was something greater here than His wants. There was a purpose to be accomplished for the good of others. He looked beyond Himself, His needs, His immediate desire, His comforts, to what was to be gained for people He loved. We really do know what this means even if we don’t practice it as much as we should. Mothers sacrifice for infants. Parents for children. Spouses for each other. People for community, and other examples around us. Each of us, young and old, have had people sacrifice themselves for us to be where we are, and have what we have. And even if we are so callous as to think this is not true, we look at the Lord Jesus who, out of love for each of us personally, was willing to give His life that we might have a new life in Him.