Good Morning March 23

The disciples were walking with Jesus out of the magnificent temple Herod had built in Jerusalem. They were overawed by the grandeur of the buildings and remarked to Jesus about them. He replied, “Do you see all these things? I tell you the truth, not one stone here will be left upon another that will not be thrown down.”(Matthew 24:2) Why would He say such a thing? Isn’t this the great church that has been dedicated to the glory of God? In lots of grand words and rituals, yes. But there was something false and hollow about it all. It was more to the glory of its builders than to the Lord. It was about maintaining the system rather than humbly doing what was right for the good of the people. The physical temple was destroyed by the Romans, but what really needs destroying are the attitudes and assumptions that we build up for ourselves over many years that are contrary to God’s will and word. That destruction requires a heart change which only Jesus can accomplish. That’s what this Holy Week is all about. It is in Jesus’ atoning sacrifice that we are given a new heart and new life. It is by yielding to the touch of God’s Spirit that our old nature is destroyed and a new nature brought forth. Then the magnificent temple of the heart will be built, and be dedicated to the glory of God and of service to others.