Good Morning March 25

Lord Jesus I’ve read the Gospel accounts about all you went through on this day. I cannot fathom the pain You must have endured. I’ve seen dramatizations of those events, Its cruelty beyond imagination. And yet I know that is not the worst You suffered on this Good Friday. It is my sins You took into your spirit, all the evils I have committed over all the years of my life. I deserve to be on that cross. I deserve those nails and crown of thorns. You willingly took all of my filth, and the filth of all mankind into Your own being, and paid the price we justly deserve. You endured the Father’s hatred of sin for me. Nor can I fully comprehend a love that great that would cause You to do that for me. You took my sin and gave me Your righteousness before the Father. You made it possible for me to stand forgiven and cleansed before the God of all creation. I cannot fully understand any of it. I can only bow before You in humble thanksgiving, and worship. In You my life rests. I love you Lord. Amen.