Good Morning April 1

The teaching in some parts of the Christian Church emphasizes health and prosperity for all believers. This is God’s desire. There is nothing particularly spiritual about being sick or poor. However, health and prosperity are not the central issues with our Lord. He is seeking to turn our hearts more fully in trust to Him, and to help us develop more fully in the nature of Christ. To concentrate only on physical well being ignores Jesus call to take up our cross and follow Him, and Paul’s admonition to present our bodies a living sacrifice. Our gracious Lord uses all of the circumstances of life to bring us more fully into His life. That doesn’t mean that we like all of our circumstances, but it does mean that He is here with us. We certainly don’t do everything perfectly, but as we seek to fulfill the responsibilities we have, and do our best in each circumstance, He is at work for our good. This is not just the “God helps those who he themselves” teaching. That puts God in some secondary place. God is always in the first place working in life for our best good.